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Black Infant Feeding Matters

Caprice Fox is a proud, black breastfeeding mother who lives in Bristol with her wife, 3-year-old daughter and labradoodle Rosie. Caprice is a trained feeding peer supporter and primary school teacher who is passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion for black and LGBTQ+ families. Below she shares her experience of running the online Black Infant…

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“Mom Friends”

So, to those of you who haven’t quite managed to go for that coffee with Katie from Music Tots, or plucked up the courage to talk to the gaggle of pregnant women at your yoga class. Don’t worry too much. Someone will come along. It may take a while, but it’ll happen.

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How Life Changes When Child Two Comes Along

“Oh, he’s about to go through the terrible twos? Let’s give him a baby brother exactly at that point, so that he can add that emotional rollercoaster to his already GARGANTUON feelings. That way, we can go through the sleepless, relentless, confusing newborn phase at the same time as dealing with the tantrums and meltdowns. Ideal.”

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Right Now, Our Kids Come Before Our Marriage

“I’m sorry,” my husband said as he left for work . . . followed by, “I love you,” and walked out the door, leaving me to ponder on the apology. That night I turned to him and said, “When we look back at this time, I am going to feel so proud of us.”

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How Parenthood Has Changed me as a Teacher

My maternity leave went by terribly quickly and agonisingly slowly, and now I’m back to work, part time, and balancing my new life as both teacher and parent. I’m also a ‘preschool parent’ or a “school mum” now, which has put me on the other side of the school life, and it has really got me thinking about my past teaching practice.

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His View From Home

This is a poem my husband wrote for me ❤ It was a rare day when I was working and he was at home with our boys. He wanted me to know he noticed the little things I do 😊

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Dear Mum,

And now I am a mum myself, I am thinking about you. You have spent the entirety of your motherhood, being there. Always. And not just for me! You have done it for all four of us. You make each of us feel like we’re the favourite one. You are the most wonderful, selfless, caring, and thoughtful person in my world. I couldn’t survive my own motherhood without you. And I’d like to say thank you.

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I’m Kelly, I’m a mother-teacher-writer and I’m raising two excellently curious and ‘spirited’ boys with a husband who is really trying his best.

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