Holiday Fails

Christmas Fail #1

His hat wasn’t covering his ears properly. He wanted his blue coat, not his green coat. He couldn’t walk. He wanted Nanny to walk in front not behind. He wanted me to carry him, but I was breathing too loudly etc etc etc.

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Christmas Fail #2

For a small village, there was a huge amount of people. My family are quite a mob of madness when we’re all together, so sticking us in the middle of a bustling scene must create quite the cacophony for little ears.

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Christmas Fail #3

I saw the real damage. It was like something from Trainspotting. I decided I didn’t want to do it. No, sir. Not for me. I’ll pass on that gag-worthy atrocity if I can get away with it.

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Christmas Fail #4

The past week has been reminiscent of the newborn phase, but I’ve been much less accepting of it, and I’ve been out of training.

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