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How Life Changes When Child Two Comes Along

“Oh, he’s about to go through the terrible twos? Let’s give him a baby brother exactly at that point, so that he can add that emotional rollercoaster to his already GARGANTUON feelings. That way, we can go through the sleepless, relentless, confusing newborn phase at the same time as dealing with the tantrums and meltdowns. Ideal.”

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5 Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

I would save reading time for the night feeds so that I had some wonder to look forward to at 4am. He’d stir, I’d groan, I’d make his bottle with one eye open and a frown, and then I’d remember…. Harry’s about to visit Diagon Alley for the first time, and I’d be thrilled to be awake.

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3 Toddler Tantrum Tips

Knowing that you’re not alone and other people’s kids are just as weird as yours, makes everything a little less pants. Here are a few things you could try to soften the blow of those big toddler feelings.

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Raising Two Small Boys

When one starts, the other joins in. Either because it’s so upsetting watching your sibling cry, or because they know that if they cry too, they get in on that sweet attention. If they’re both pooing and crying, just give up. Call in reinforcements.

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Toddler TV Guilt

Some kids will chill by looking at books, listening to audio stories or music, playing quietly by themselves, but most of us don’t own those kids.

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Oxytocin Playlist

The more you listen to your playlist, the more likely it is to be a source of that delicious oxytocin we all keep going on about.

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